• 发了一个贴子,“二小过年”,点开后发现没有分段,进入修改分段后再发,系统的显示仍没有分段,而且贴子后给加了隐藏符号,无法回复和修改。同时发现很多贴子也自动成为隐藏模式,不知道什么原因。请问谁知道?
    • It looks good to me. Please see screenshot


    • And what did you mean about 隐藏模式?
      • I see now you've made some changes about reply. One did not need to open a post to reply or make changes, for one's own post, before. We have to,now, to click open a post before we can reply or do some changes on it.
        • 我的截屏,有的能直接回复有的需要打开才能回复或做相关操作。


          • Will improve it. Thanks!